During lockdown we came to the decision to make some changes to our club membership system in order to meet the requests of customers and streamline our admin. It has also proved the ideal opportunity to re-write codes of conduct, terms and conditions of membership and a variety of other documents.

We have spent a lot of time setting up the new system and transferring data from the old system to the new to minimise the data input required by customers. With over 500 participants transferred over to the new system, some customers will have inevitably entered data slightly differently so it is important that you check the data held on your participants.

1. LoveAdmin and GoCardless will remain in place until the end of the current block which will resume when we return to allow for a transition and people to catch up required payments on the old system as necessary. As we reach the new block all administration will move to iClassPro, which processes payments using credit/debit cards (using PaySafe as a merchant) and a continuous payment authority.

2. Payments will move from an 8 week cycle to monthly with parents being charged to cards on 1st of every month. To facilitate this we have updated out pricing policy which is available here. This applies to competitive and recreational sessions. As a result our discount policy now covers all classes including recreational.

3. Registers, which the parents can see for their child, will be completed using iClassPro and participants will be required to use the self check in tablets at club to record their attendance.

4. We will continue to have a designated assessment week, currently week 6 of each block, where participants work to complete their next award. The tracking of this will be completed on iClassPro so parents, and participants, can see their progress. Please bear with us on this one – we will be learning how to use the system too.

5. Acceptance of our policies, which you can view online, will be recorded on your account. If there are any changes to the policies you have accepted you will b notified of the change and asked to re-accept.

6. In your account there will be a list of all classes that each participant from your family is booked in. From that dashboard it is possible to request transfers of classes and cancellations of specific classes. You can also check which classes currently have spaces to request additional sessions and join a waiting list for specific classes if there is no space.

What you need to do now

Please do not create a new account when following the process below. Your details and class bookings have been moved over to the new system for you.

  1. The first time you access the new system you will need to set a password.
    1.1 Go to the customer portal here .
    1.2 Click “My Account”.
    1.3 Click “Yes” when asked if you are a current customer.
    1.4 Click “Forgot Password”
    1.5 Enter the email address you used to login to LaveAdmin and submit.
    1.6 Check you emails – you should receive an email with a link to Reser your password at which point you can log in. If this doesn’t happen please email enquiries@velocitysports.org.uk with the participant’s name and DoB for assistance.
  2. Log in to iClassPro for the first time.
    2.1 Read through and accept the policies.
    2.2 Check and update all details for the family and for the participants. Note that the emergency contact details, home address etc. ar enow stored at family level rather than individual participants so they should only need updating once.
    2.3 Enter the card details that you would like payments to be taken from.
    2.4 Check the class enrolments are correct and email enquiries@velocitysports.org.uk if they are not so we can change them before you are charged.
    2.5 If you would like to join any additional classes where there are spaces simply find the class and submit the request.
  3. If you would like to, download the free app so you can keep track of things and receive notifications on your phone.

Gymnastics class structure

As part of the transition we have differentiated our gymnastics classes by age and ability. In order to sign up to new classes you will have to fall within the age and ability level for the class. If participants who already train at certain times fall outside of the identified age and abilities we encourage you to request a transfer into a more suitable class however we will not force the participant to change classes at this stage.
In future our policy will be that when a participant passes the upper age limit for a class they will be required to change class. If they are ready to move form beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced we will provide that opportunity however the participant may chose to remain in their existing class, recognising that the session will be tailored to the designated ability level to cater for the majority of the participants in that class.