Pre-school classes

Responding to demand we have now created pre-school gymnastics and trampoline classes. Our pre-school classes run at Billingham on Saturday mornings and during the day through the week (see below). Although at times there is a mainstream class running alongside the pre-school trampoline classes there will be a separate trampoline identified for the pre-school class and there will be a dedicated coach for the class. There will be a maximum of 6 children per coach in any pre-school class.

The pre-school classes vary from our mainstream classes by using a learning through play coaching style. Children will receive reward stamps/stickers and frequent praise. We have also developed our own pre-school badge scheme that allows us to recognise smaller steps in development than the British Gymnastics scheme.

Any participant under full-time school age will not be permitted to participate in the mainstream class, instead they must attend the pre-school class.

As well as our structured pre-school classes, we also run pay and play sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, open to any children under full-time school age. No need to book this session, just turn up and pay on the door! For current costs please see our pricing policy.

You can see a list of classes, including pay & play, here. If there are spaces in a class you can immediately request the space and we will get back to you once you are added to the class. If there are no spaces in your chosen class and you can’t find any suitable alternatives you can join the waiting list.