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Class Information

Our session fees are listed in the pricing policy available here. If you are allocated a class space part way through a month, for your first payment you will only be charged for the remainder of the sessions in that month. Members are welcome to sign up to as many sessions as they like, but will be charged for each session they sign up to. Requests for additional sessions can be made through our parent/customer portal. All our payments are taken through our online system. All individual members also need BG insurance which can be purchased from the British Gymnastics website. The cost fo this membership was £19 per year at the time of writing.

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You can see a list of classes available here. If there are spaces in a class you can immediately request the space and we will get back to you once you are added to the class. If there are no spaces in your chosen class and you can’t find any suitable alternatives you can join the waiting list.