Register – this must be done before attending your first session

All participants are required to supply us with their details through PaySubsOnline. This process is free of charge.

If you have provided details through PaySubsOnline to join our waiting list you can skip to step 2.

  1. Click here to proceed to PaySubsOnline, select ‘club registration’ from the drop down menu and register your details. REMEMBER TO REGISTER IN THE NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT.
  2. Create a password to access your account by clicking here. You will be sent an activation email with a link in it to confirm you have access to the email account listed.
  3. Log in to your account by clicking here.
  4. Select the club registration option and complete the additional details of the participant. Please note that we need each participant to have their own registration so if you have more than one child you can click the ‘add another member’ button at the bottom of the page.


Membership – compulsory if you attend an average of more than 1 hour per week or would like to block book

Once registered you can pay annual membership by following the membership instructions below. Membership costs £28 per year for most participants (£11 to the club and £17 for bronze British Gymnastics membership). Membership is compulsory for anyone who attends an average of more than one hour per week or has not yet been in full time education.
We strongly recommend that all participants become club members as it includes personal accident insurance through British Gymnastics which covers support such as physiotherapy following an injury. Any participant who does not become a club member will not have any personal accident insurance. Annual membership also provides reduced session fees through block booking.

  1. Log in to your PaySubsOnline account by clicking here.
  2. Click the ‘payment’ tab along the top of the page.
  3. From the menu at the left select the appropriate membership option (see guidance below).
  4. Once the membership type is selected proceed to set up a pre-authorisation to make payment. This creates a direct debit so that we can request future payments form your account. If we request a payment you will receive an email approximately 3 days before any money leaves your account to give you an opportunity to cancel the transaction should you wish.

Follow this diagram to determine which category of membership you need.

  • If the participant has not yet entered full time education you should select kinder membership (generally age 3 and under).
  • If the participant is not already a member of British Gymnastics and is not competing you should select bronze membership.
  • If the participant is a competitor you need to select silver membership.
  • If the participant is already a current member of British gymnastics with another club select the managed independently option. Please note that if at any point your BG membership is not paid by you/the other organisation you will be required to upgrade to the bronze membership option.
    If you do not fall into any of the categories above please speak to a coach before paying membership.


Now that you have become a club member you can reduce the cost of your classes by block booking. Click here for instructions how to block book.