This page is intended to provide information specifically relevant to staff.

Combined policies documentation

Documentation for parents

Although Velocity/Coaching Connection provides training, either directly or through third parties, staff are expected to be proactive in seeking additional training or refresher training as required. We are committed to the development of all staff and encourage staff to seek out any course they believe would be beneficial which we will consider funding/supporting wherever possible.

Staff pay date is on or around the final Friday of each month. Staff are paid their contracted regular hours for the full month with variations and additional hours applied up to the Sunday before the pay date (see example below). By the Monday (5 days before) before pay day all staff should check rotacloud and email hr@coachingconnection.ltd.uk with any changes (sick leave or additional hours), that aren’t showing on rotacloud, to ensure the accuracy of pay as any errors will need to be corrected retrospectively.
Example – February 2023
Pay date Friday 24th Feb. Cut off for changes Monday 20th Feb. Variations considered between Monday 23rd January and Sunday 19th February.

British Gymnastics Membership

Staff are contractually required to hold current British Gymnastics membership. This means, at present, a current DBS, current safeguarding award, completion of the BG positive coaching training and any other training as required by BG. In addition there is an annual cost for membership renewal. The company will cover all associated membership costs for staff with regular coaching hours. Staff who do not have regular contracted hours, and remain on payroll for the purposes of ad-hoc work, must cover all costs associated with British Gymnastics membership.

Staff are not eligible to coach without current British Gymnastics membership. No additional hours may be claimed and staff may be suspended from regular coaching hours, without pay, should they not have current British Gymnastics membership. As it can take time for DBS checks and course results to be processed we strongly recommend staff monitor the expiry dates and act in sufficient time, before their checks/training/membership expires.